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“Some information in English. Just contact me if you have any questions! ”

Some information in English!

Please contact me

For all you none-Dutch-reading-people we provide this info page :)

The PITstudio is founded by Hans Reinders in 2001. Whatever style of music you are into (pop, rock, metal etc), the essence of understanding and entering into a part of the soul of your band is the will and ability to understand your style of music in the first place. In addition to that: you prefer an extra band member with a lot of studio experience rather than just a theoretical producer who has never been on a stage in its entire life. That is the initial concept of the PITstudio.

The PITstudio mainly produces pop and rock music. Through the years, we have become well known for metal- and hardcore productions as well. It takes empathy and some root-of-all-evil-DNA-basics to produce this kind of music into the standards of nowadays full power output.

Check my referencies en judge yourself. So if you are looking for an high-end production or if you have any questions, just contact me (in English)!